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To increase awareness of and to highlight recent discoveries, scientific findings and the current understanding of OCD, we are providing regular reviews of research articles. We will regularly chose a recent or important older article and introduce its main findings and lessons learned.

Please note that these reviews are merely a popularization of the articles; thus, the intricacies of the results and the authors' explanations may not be provided in full and/or the messages of the articles may be generalized so that lay readers can understand the main point of the article. In addition, these reviews do not constitute a recommendation for/against or judgement of any of the treatments or opinions discussed.

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New Partial Intensive Outpatient Program to Launch Soon

We will soon launch a new Partial Intensive Outpatient program. It will be based on the same treatment methods as the Intensive Outpatient program. Please contact us or call our office at (310) 443-0031 for more information

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