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The Four Steps for OCD

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, author of the book Brain Lock, describes the critical four steps for self-treatment of OCD. The idea of self-treatment as part of a behavioral therapy approach is a major advance. This article describes how to become your own behavioral therapist. By learning some basic facts about OCD, and recognizing that it is a medical condition that responds to treatment, you can overcome the urges to do compulsive behaviors and master new ways to cope with bothersome, obsessive thoughts. Read more...

Mindfulness and the Treatment of OCD

Mental training can be very effective in helping people with OCD change not only their functioning and the clinical course of the disorder, but also the brain itself. Mindfulness is the ability to observe one's own internal sensations with the calm clarity of an external witness. The mental discipline of mindfulness can enable sufferers of OCD to develop the insight necessary to consciously choose new and more adaptive responses to the intrusive and intensely bothersome thoughts and urges that bombard the consciousness. Read more...

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